Bankruptcy Attorney - How to Choose the Right One

There are two categories of bankruptcy lawyers: commercial bankruptcy lawyers who can help you apply for personal bankruptcy, and debt settlement lawyers who can help you apply for bankruptcy for your company. No matter what type of bankruptcy you are filing, the important thing is that you take time to choose a lawyer who is experienced and qualified to handle your case. This is not an easy task and you should be sure to check out each bankruptcy lawyer before hiring them to help your business. Also make sure to ask plenty of questions so that you feel comfortable hiring them to work on your case. Check out on the bankruptcy attorney columbia sc company.

The first step to hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is to look at the qualifications. This includes checking the attorney's credentials, certifications and licenses. You should also consider the number of cases they have handled, their success rate, and any other recommendations that you can get from the Better Business Bureau or legal authorities. This is especially important if your company is in a risky business - there's no point in hiring a bankruptcy lawyer who tends to win his/her own money! Keep in mind that most states require some kind of licensing to practice law - so it is essential to find a lawyer who has passed the bar for the state where you live.

Next you need to look at the services that are offered by the bankruptcy lawyer. While many of these are typical of any good law firm, it's important to discuss what services are most important to you. Some of the services that you should look for are a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions, assistance with filing paperwork, and representation during all proceedings. Make sure you find a lawyer who can explain all aspects of the filing process to you, from filing through distribution of the bankruptcy trustee's reports, to assignment of trust deeds and final Trustee reports. You should also hire a bankruptcy attorney who can give you a free consultation and show you the way to make sure you are settling your debts in a timely manner. Click to see more here about myrtle beach bankruptcy law office.

Finally, make sure you find a bankruptcy attorney who is not going to ask you to sign over the deed of your home or property to them! (No lawyer I've ever seen asks you to do this during the course of a case.) If the trustee or the lien holder wants you to sign something that gives them exclusive rights to your home or property, such as a lease, you will have no advantage over a lawyer who does not ask you to sign such a document. If your case involves real estate, remember that you may be required to attend "seminars" held by the trustee, during which he can show you how to transfer your property without violating the terms of your mortgage.

The above issues are important but they are not the only considerations. To understand your situation, you need to know about the different options open to you. For example, in most cases debtors can choose to file "payments" or "reimbursements" which allow them to pay off their debts over time. This will allow them to avoid the late notices and potential fees that creditors can issue. Alternatively, some bankruptcy lawyers can set up a trust account to hold money that will be paid out when you become able to repay it. In addition to making payments, this way of dealing with debt enables you to keep important assets such as the car you drive or the home you live in while you work out your financial problems.

As you consider all these issues and their potential impact on your case, it will be wise to consult with more than one bankruptcy lawyer before making a decision. There is no shame in asking to see a portfolio of past cases in order to better understand how the various strategies have worked for other clients. You may also want to look at various online resources including those provided by consumer advocacy groups. While it is true that some lawyers will cost more than others, it is also true that most do not, so shop around and get the best price you can.
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